Stop the stigma! Let’s talk about Mental Health!!          

            To start the project, we made a research work in small groups during our English lessons.
            Secondly, with the information and images we found, the groups began to create posters and flyers about the topic.
            After this process, we put them in an exhibition in Morgado de Mateus school.
            Mental Health Issues affect a large amount of people and most of the time these problems are invalidated by society.
            In order to minimize the stigma around them, it is important to inform and spread awareness. This is one of the main goals of our project.
            Bearing that in mind, the students will attend a workshop on the 15th December about the influence of stress and anxiety on their mental health and learn some techniques on how to prevent or control it.
  • Self care is how you take your power back!
  • You spend most of your life inside your head, make it a nice place to be!
  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions!
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